Hi, I’m Mrs. Middle School! Usually, when people hear that I teach middle school, they apologize. But, I think they’ve got it all wrong! I wouldn’t trade my job or my kids for anything. My goal is to empower middle school educators to inspire the next generation of students. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all of my latest content.

5 Reasons Middle School Students are Awesome:

  1. They are hilarious! They always have me laughing. They draw silly cartoons, they understand sarcasm, and they’re easily embarrassed. It’s the perfect combination!
  2. They are full of passion for what they love, even if it’s silly such as a YouTube channel. They tend to represent their loves on t-shirts. Too cool.
  3. They love learning, and they’re always up for a challenge. When you throw a game or competition into the mix, you’d think someone was giving away a million dollars.
  4. They are independent. While some need encouragement to complete work, gone are the days of class bathroom breaks and silent-line-walking to music class.
  5. They are impressionable. And, for a girl like me, I’m ready to make a difference. How about you?