Cheers to Dinosaurs!

Middle School Classroom

Ah, what better way to embarrass a 6th grader than having them carry a rubber dinosaur with them as their hall pass?!

Cheeto (the orange dino) and hmm… was it Bob (?) were actually quite far from the embarrassment factor for my silly middle schoolers. I used these gems last year as my hall pass, and the kids adored them. 

You probably notice that I am writing in past-tense here, friends. That is because Cheeto and Bob were either swiped–or worse–FLUSHED before the year ended. This year, I’m using lanyards, and I have to admit, I miss the dinosaurs. 

Using silly things in the classroom in insignificant ways such as this is how I’ve had such success developing rapport with my students! Many people apologized to me during my college program that I had chosen to spend my life around the oh-so-awkward stage of middle school. I, on the other hand, feel it’s the biggest blessing ever! 

Middle schoolers are weird, and so am I! I encourage other educators to find some “awkward” element to put in your room. I guarantee the kids will remember it!

One thought on “Cheers to Dinosaurs!

  1. Love it! When I taught 6th grade, I sometimes brought in my pet turtle, Tommy. While he was not used as a hall pass (we didn’t have those way back then), he was a source of much amusement for my students. They would fight over whose turn it was to “take care of Tommy” ,,, as if a turtle needed to be taken care of! I liked to think the kids may have learned something about responsibility and taking turns. Maybe.


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