This School Year, I’m Thankful for…

Middle School Classroom

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (and a freak snowstorm causing us to have no school yesterday and a 2-hour delay today), the kids are quite crazy. They’re excited about what we’re working on in class, but their personalities are totally in full swing.

While some teachers are beginning to get quite frustrated with this, I am (trying) to embrace it. This year, I’m thankful for my kids and the smiles on their faces. While sometimes they say silly things and sometimes I’m not always proud of every choice they make, I’m glad that they’re happy.

You never do quite know what kids are going home to after school. Despite a very successful food drive, it’s very possible that a handful of the students in my school this year won’t even eat dinner on Thanksgiving. It’s also quite possible that every student won’t have a smile on their face this upcoming holiday.

As teachers, it’s easy to assume that kids don’t want to be at school or that their “goofing off” is to avoid work. On the contrary, what if “goofing off” is them smiling for the first time that entire day? What if the laughter they experience in my classroom and in my school can be their joy? What if the smiles on their faces at school change them and change their lives?

Before shaking my finger and putting on the “teacher face” this year, I’m trying to smile and laugh back with my students. For all I know, my classroom is their joy.

I’m constantly humbled by the opportunity to impact a child’s life. Happy Thanksgiving!

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