Welcome fellow educators, and thank you for visiting my website! If you are a middle school teacher looking for fresh ideas for your classroom and students, you’ve arrived at the right destination!

I am a middle school Language Arts teacher with the fundamental belief that before you can change a child’s mind, you have to change their heart. This, of course, starts with passionate educators who feel equipped to inspire and be a role model for this eager generation of middle school students. To help teachers, I currently blog about middle school (of course), Language Arts Resources, and I am starting a new Pep Talks page to give middle school teachers a boost; afterall, teachers are superheros, though we often forget it! I am still learning every day, and I love to share stories and techniques with my readers as I discover them!

Named “friendliest” in my very own middle school year book (and yes, still proud of it all these years later), I grew to love the independence, rigor, and fun that middle school brought. By the time I was a high school junior, I had declared my college major as Middle Level Education. While my friends in college changed majors and changed their minds, I stayed true to my middle school decision and never looked back. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Middle Level Education in 2016. I am certified in Pennsylvania to teach all subjects in grades 4-6 (yay!), Language Arts in grades 7-8 and English in 9-12. Currently, I teach 6th grade and I absolutely love it! I am attending graduate school to earn my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. My next goal is to become a middle school principal.

When I’m not teaching, I do life with my awesome husband (he’s my very best friend!) and our Irish Doodle named Artie. Some of my favorites in life, besides my two favorite guys, are super-sharp #2 pencils, semicolons, hand lettering, traveling, and taking walks. I’m always up for an adventure and a good laugh. My ultimate weaknesses: peanut butter M&M’s and puppy kisses!

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