Grading Conferences

Ah, the sweet smell of spring, the sound of birds chirping, and the taste of state testing right around the corner. This year, I spent my week before state tests in a sort of unconventional way: conferencing with students. Many educators can become stressed during this time, and in my opinion, all that does is … Continue reading Grading Conferences

How Mini-Lessons Changed my Classroom

During much of my career so far, I've fit into the traditional teacher model, where the span of my unit usually fits in some way into the following setup: I deliver content up front through an example, I complete a model with my class, I let my students pair up and work on it with … Continue reading How Mini-Lessons Changed my Classroom

My Very Best Whole-Class Behavior Management Strategy

There are times throughout the year when it seems like your classes just aren't going right. You are working hard on your lessons, thinking of engaging applications, and even trying to add choice into assessments... but somehow it seems you can't go a few minutes without your classes interrupting, being distracting, or neglecting their work. … Continue reading My Very Best Whole-Class Behavior Management Strategy

Controlling Noise: Voice-O-Meter

You look down at your attendance pad and take a moment to put worksheets into today's absent folder. It starts with a little whisper at first, almost like a change dropping on the floor. It grows louder and louder, until the moment officially comes: chatter has taken over your class. I have noticed a pattern … Continue reading Controlling Noise: Voice-O-Meter

Notes from Students

One of the most satisfying parts of being a teacher is receiving notes from our students. Sometimes, they thank us for teaching them something new or believing in them. Sometimes, they write us notes saying that we're their favorite teachers or that they love us! The main reason this is so validating is because it … Continue reading Notes from Students