The Secret Sauce to 1-1 Learning

This year, our school was nearly jumping out of their seats to get their laptops. The kids finally each have a laptop! But, it quickly became our turn as the teachers to know what to do with them. And, as I walked down the hallway during my plan period, I realized what teachers were doing … Continue reading The Secret Sauce to 1-1 Learning

Grading Conferences

Ah, the sweet smell of spring, the sound of birds chirping, and the taste of state testing right around the corner. This year, I spent my week before state tests in a sort of unconventional way: conferencing with students. Many educators can become stressed during this time, and in my opinion, all that does is … Continue reading Grading Conferences

How Mini-Lessons Changed my Classroom

During much of my career so far, I've fit into the traditional teacher model, where the span of my unit usually fits in some way into the following setup: I deliver content up front through an example, I complete a model with my class, I let my students pair up and work on it with … Continue reading How Mini-Lessons Changed my Classroom

Discovery Centers in your Classroom

I had been seeing great ideas online about STEM centers in the classroom and was admittedly a bit jealous of the ease of incorporating something like this for a math-science classroom. At first, I had no ideas for how to make an application space like this in my language arts classroom. Once I began thinking … Continue reading Discovery Centers in your Classroom

Socratic Seminars

After attending a professional development session with my supervisor this summer, I became very intrigued in Socratic Seminar. This is interesting because I tend to stray from educational fads. They come and go, and I feel that I'm creative enough to make my own styles in my classroom. There was something about these types of … Continue reading Socratic Seminars

An Interest in Innovation

As a 6th grade teacher, I pride myself in making my classroom a place where students enjoy being. Seeing smiles on their faces or seeing them rush to get to my room makes me feel that, with small steps, I've successfully gotten to this goal for many of them. My school district has spent a … Continue reading An Interest in Innovation

Giggles, Grins, and Belly Laughs

"Snip, snip, giggle, snip." A few kids turned around while I was talking about the test that is scheduled for next week. "Snip snip." I didn't see the scissors, but I did see the grin. "Good morning, sir," I smiled at him. "May I ask what you are cutting?" He held up a menu, neatly … Continue reading Giggles, Grins, and Belly Laughs