The Secret Sauce to 1-1 Learning

This year, our school was nearly jumping out of their seats to get their laptops. The kids finally each have a laptop! But, it quickly became our turn as the teachers to know what to do with them. And, as I walked down the hallway during my plan period, I realized what teachers were doing … Continue reading The Secret Sauce to 1-1 Learning

Teacher Interviews: The Big Day

Get out your suit coat because it's finally your big day: the interview! Teacher interviews are different in every state and even differ between districts and schools. Most of my experience included a first round over-the-phone screening, followed by an in-person more in depth interview for a second round. Some districts even have you demonstrate … Continue reading Teacher Interviews: The Big Day

Grading Conferences

Ah, the sweet smell of spring, the sound of birds chirping, and the taste of state testing right around the corner. This year, I spent my week before state tests in a sort of unconventional way: conferencing with students. Many educators can become stressed during this time, and in my opinion, all that does is … Continue reading Grading Conferences

How Mini-Lessons Changed my Classroom

During much of my career so far, I've fit into the traditional teacher model, where the span of my unit usually fits in some way into the following setup: I deliver content up front through an example, I complete a model with my class, I let my students pair up and work on it with … Continue reading How Mini-Lessons Changed my Classroom