My Very Best Whole-Class Behavior Management Strategy

There are times throughout the year when it seems like your classes just aren't going right. You are working hard on your lessons, thinking of engaging applications, and even trying to add choice into assessments... but somehow it seems you can't go a few minutes without your classes interrupting, being distracting, or neglecting their work. … Continue reading My Very Best Whole-Class Behavior Management Strategy

Controlling Noise: Voice-O-Meter

You look down at your attendance pad and take a moment to put worksheets into today's absent folder. It starts with a little whisper at first, almost like a change dropping on the floor. It grows louder and louder, until the moment officially comes: chatter has taken over your class. I have noticed a pattern … Continue reading Controlling Noise: Voice-O-Meter

Notes from Students

One of the most satisfying parts of being a teacher is receiving notes from our students. Sometimes, they thank us for teaching them something new or believing in them. Sometimes, they write us notes saying that we're their favorite teachers or that they love us! The main reason this is so validating is because it … Continue reading Notes from Students

Feels like a Family

Recently, an educational assistant that worked with a student in my classroom for a period decided to pursue a different route and is no longer working at my school. So, there have been substitute assistants for the last couple of weeks. While sometimes transitions like this can be challenging, it has also been interesting meeting … Continue reading Feels like a Family

Discovery Centers in your Classroom

I had been seeing great ideas online about STEM centers in the classroom and was admittedly a bit jealous of the ease of incorporating something like this for a math-science classroom. At first, I had no ideas for how to make an application space like this in my language arts classroom. Once I began thinking … Continue reading Discovery Centers in your Classroom

The Most Important Communication

My great grandmother and my grandfather were both teachers at the same school that I did my field experience, student teaching, and first long term teaching position. My parents had enjoyed school, attended my events, and had positive things to say about my teachers and my school. So, whenever I took on my first teaching … Continue reading The Most Important Communication

Socratic Seminars

After attending a professional development session with my supervisor this summer, I became very intrigued in Socratic Seminar. This is interesting because I tend to stray from educational fads. They come and go, and I feel that I'm creative enough to make my own styles in my classroom. There was something about these types of … Continue reading Socratic Seminars